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Category Types: D = discounted, P = regular(paid)

Dance (/Arts and Entertainment/Dance)
Dart Supplies (/Shopping/Sports/Dart Supplies)
Darts (/Recreation and Sports/Sports/Darts)
Data Communications (/Computers/Data Communications)
Data Formats (/Computers/Data Formats)
Databases (/Computers/Software/Databases)
Datamaskiner og Internett (/Regional and Local/Europe/Norway - Norge/Datamaskiner og Internett)
Dating and Friendships (/Society/Relationships/Dating and Friendships)
Dating and Friendships South Africa (/Regional and Local/Africa/South Africa/Society/Dating and Friendships)
Dating, Flirten und Beziehung (/Regional and Local/Europe/Austria - Österreich/Gesellschaft und Kultur/Dating, Flirten und Beziehung)
Datorer och Internet (/Regional and Local/Europe/Sweden - Sverige/Datorer och Internet)
Death (/Society/Death)
Debit and Credit Cards (/Business/Financial Services/Debit and Credit Cards)
Debt Consolidation (/Business/Financial Services/Debt Consolidation)
Debt Consolidation UK (/Regional and Local/Europe/United Kingdom/Business and Economy/Financial Services/Debt Consolidation)
Decals and Graphics (/Shopping/Autos and Accessories/Decals and Graphics)
Delaware (/Regional and Local/North America/United States/Delaware)
Demolition (/Business/Construction and Maintenance/Demolition)
Denmark - Danmark (/Regional and Local/Europe/Denmark - Danmark)
Denmark Travel (/Travel/Europe Travel/Denmark Travel)
Dentistry (/Health and Fitness/Dentistry)
Dentistry Canada (/Regional and Local/North America/Canada/Health and Fitness/Dentistry)
Dentistry India (/Regional and Local/Asia/India/Health/Dentistry)
Dentistry UK (/Regional and Local/Europe/United Kingdom/Health and Fitness/Dentistry)
Deportes y tiempo libre España (/Regional and Local/Europe/Spain - España/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Mexico (/Regional and Local/North America/Mexico/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Argentina (/Regional and Local/South America/Argentina/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Bolivia (/Regional and Local/South America/Bolivia/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Chile (/Regional and Local/South America/Chile/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Colombia (/Regional and Local/South America/Colombia/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Ecuador (/Regional and Local/South America/Ecuador/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Paraguay (/Regional and Local/South America/Paraguay/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Peru (/Regional and Local/South America/Peru/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Uruguay (/Regional and Local/South America/Uruguay/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Deportes y tiempo libre Venezuela (/Regional and Local/South America/Venezuela/Deportes y tiempo libre)
Design (/Arts and Entertainment/Design)
Design and Decor (/Shopping/Home and Garden/Design and Decor)
Desktop Publishing (/Computers/Desktop Publishing)
Desktop Publishing Software (/Computers/Software/Desktop Publishing)
Developers and Publishers (/Games/Developers and Publishers)
Dice (/Games/Dice)
Dictionaries (/Reference/Dictionaries)
Digital (/Arts and Entertainment/Digital)
Directories (Arts) (/Arts and Entertainment/Directories)
Directories (Health) (/Health and Fitness/Directories)
Directories (Kids) (/Society/Kids and Teens/Directories)
Directories (News) (/News and Media/Directories)
Directories (Reference) (/Reference/Directories)
Directories (Science) (/Science/Directories)
Directories (Shopping) (/Shopping/Directories)
Directories (General) (/Internet/Searching/Directories)
Directories and Search Engines (/Regional and Local/Europe/United Kingdom/Shopping/Directories and Search Engines)
Directory Submission (/Internet/Internet Marketing/Directory Submission)
Diritto (/Regional and Local/Europe/Italy - Italia/Affari e Economia/Diritto)
Disabilities (/Health and Fitness/Disabilities)
Disabled (/Society/Disabled)
Distance Learning (/Reference/Education/Distance Learning)
Diving (/Recreation and Sports/Sports/Diving)
Divorce (/Society/Relationships/Divorce)
Djibouti (/Regional and Local/Africa/Djibouti)
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) (/Home and Family/Do-It-Yourself)
Dogs (/Home and Family/Pets/Dogs)
Domain Names (/Internet/Domain Names)
Domain Names Canada (/Regional and Local/North America/Canada/Computers and Internet/Domain Names)
Domestic Services (/Home and Family/Domestic Services)
Dominica (/Regional and Local/Caribbean/Dominica)
Dominica Travel (/Travel/Caribbean Travel/Dominica Travel)
Dominican Republic (/Regional and Local/Caribbean/Dominican Republic)
Dominican Republic Travel (/Travel/Caribbean Travel/Dominican Republic Travel)
Doors and Windows (/Shopping/Home and Garden/Doors and Windows)
Download (/Internet/Download)
Driving Schools (/Business/Education and Training/Driving Schools)
Driving Schools (UK) (/Regional and Local/Europe/United Kingdom/Business and Economy/Education and Training/Driving Schools)
Drywall (/Business/Construction and Maintenance/Drywall)
Duplication Services (/Computers/Hardware/Duplication Services)

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