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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (Modified March 21st, 2014)

· Do not submit mirror sites or doorway pages.
· Do not submit a website that redirects to another URL, or websites that are "Under Construction".
· Do not submit websites with porn, illegal, violent, discriminating or racialist content or links.
· Do not submit a website that contains mostly affiliate links or excessive advertising.
· We reserve the right to add, move, modify or delete listings without notice.
· We reserve the right to remove a website if the content changes significant, or the site is down respectively unusable.
· We reserve the right to remove a website or add a "nofollow"-Tag if the website is banned or penalized.
· Submitted sites must be accessible for free, without password requirement, and must have a clear identifiable content.
· Paid Submissions without payment will be rejected without notice and may cause IP-blocking.

· Reciprocal and Featured Submission: Find the most appropriate category for your website. Go as deep as possible in subcategories.
  Submission to an unsuitable category will be declined or moved.
  Submit non-english websites to the most relevant category for your country.
  Free (Recip.) submission with local focus must be submitted to regional categories.
  (If you are not sure which is the most relevant category for your site please contact us: admin\at/
· Sponsor Submission: Sponsors are widely free in category choice but the topic and language of the category and website should match.

· Submissions to main-categories requires Sponsor Listing submission.
· The final decision of category choice will be made by our editor!

Blog Submission:
· The blog must be active with at least six months of postings.

· Subpages and subdomains are allowed (except free Submission).
· Do not use capitals in domain names.
· Do not add a tracking code.

· Sitelinks (additional deep links in category) are available for sponsor listings only.
· Sitelinks must be from the same domain like the main link and related to the same company(if any).
· Redirects are not accepted.
· Duplicate URLs and titles are not allowed.

E-Mail Address:
· Submit a valid email address.
· We do not give away this email address. It is only used to send notification if your site is accepted.

· The title must include the official name of your website or company. (Not required for Sponsor Listings).
· Avoid any kind of promotional language.
· Do not use ALLCAPS.
· You can use up to 3 related terms (e.g. John Doe - Attorney at Law, Atlanta).
· Capitalize each word in the title except for articles and prepositions (a, an, the, for, on, at, in).

· The description must be objective, written in complete sentences and correct punctuation. No keyword list!
· Avoid any kind of promotional language (e.g. "the best", "number one", "Visit us today!").
· Do not include prices, discounts, bonuses or contact information (e.g. phone numbers).

· We reserve the right to edit the URL, title, description, keywords, and category choice of existing listings at any time.

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